TRI CS Business PlanTriCS, a digital marketing company, is a company with fresh perspectives. Comprised of designers, programmers, marketing and campaign researchers with hands-on experience in handling customers from around the world, our young company seeks to touch the future of marketing. 

Our number one priority at TriCS is our clients. Although we have only been in business for the past four years, our innovative ideas about technology and social media have been growing in the minds of our team of experts for much longer. We recognize the need for growth in the marketing campaigns of companies around the world. As a result, our team is comprised of both local and expat staff, a necessary part of meeting the communication needs of our clients.  

As a company, our goal is to break away from the constraints of traditional marketing and branch out into the rapidly changing field of digital marketing. While traditional aspects of marketing die out, digital marketing continues to expand. Tools like websites, microsites, landing pages, social media marketing, interactive games, Facebook apps and mobile apps are all a part of this new age in company marketing. TriCS believes in the potential of these new social networking tools because they reach customers on a deeper level in a faster amount of time.  

Digital marketing is fast and expansive and the social networking tools involved are forever changing. Trinath Pediredla, CEO of TriCS, believes that technology should not be a barrier to expanding your business. As a result, TriCS helps bridge this technology gap by offering the latest, most efficient solutions for your unique business needs. Through our digital marketing and IT services system, we seek to help companies reach higher levels of growth and continue to expand to new customer markets.